Do You Have A Disaster Plan for Your Pets?

Published on : 17 November 20172 min reading time

This weekend I evacuated from New Iberia, Lousianna because of Hurricane Gustav.  I was scheduled to stay in Louisianna for another week to teach a class but got out before the mad rush to leave New Orleans on the weekend.

Luckily my pets were still safe and sound with my husband in Dallas. I was concerned about all the animals that had to be evacuated from the region.  Some of my work colleagues were asking me if I knew of any hotels in the Dallas area that allow pets. I could recommend Motel 6 as I remember them doing an advertising campaign to tell people about their pet friendly policies. I wish was able to make more suggestions – a list of pet friendly hotels would have come in very handy. I’m thinking that putting together such a list may be added to my to do list for next time.

As I drove home I got a call from Irving animal rescue asking if I could take in any evacuated pets.  I think that they thought that as part of my pet sitting business that I had a boarding facility. I wish I did and could have helped but I had to turn them down.

If you had to evacuate from your home would you know what to do or take to care for your pets? It is very timely that my friend Diana Guerrero has released her new Disaster Preparedness plan for pets. You can get your free copy by clicking the picture at the top left or clicking here

Make sure that you have a plan and are not scrambling at the last minute to find a safe place for your family and your pets.  Grab her free planning guide and put together you plan.  If you are a pet sitter you should also have a disaster plan that spells out how you will manage your clients pets if a natural or man made disaster occcurs.

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