Living with pets: find the right apartment to buy in the UK

Living with pets find the right apartment

When you are looking for to buy an apartment it is the most stressful part of your life. However, imagine looking for flats to buy that allow you to have a pet? This is double stress because you have to convince the landlord that you are a good tenant and your pet will not disturb the other people living in the building. Apartments for sale are always smaller, and you can’t compare them to owning a house. For this reason, when you are looking for a flat to buy you should be keen on the size and any additional outdoor space like a wide patio. This will ensure that your pet has enough space to play and sleep.

Look for the right size

When you are looking for an apartment, make sure you get the right size that will be enough for you and your pet. Your pet needs room to play and be comfortable so ensuring that the apartment has enough space should be a priority. Some apartments have a weight limit for the pet you can bring in the apartment. Although this might hinder some people, who want to bring in large pets in the apartments, it favours most of the people looking to buy an apartment. Most of the apartments for sale have a weight limit of 20-50 pounds which is ideal because most of the flats for sale are built on a lower scale of space as compared to houses. If you are looking for an apartment that allows you to have a pet and is the right size you can consult and look at all the options they have. Even if most of the apartments are small, you should take advantage of flats for sale with terraces or patios as this is an additional space for your pet to play. Moreover, some penthouse for sale has an open floor plan which increases the floor space and allows your pet to have a bigger space to play.

Create a perfect resume

When you are looking for a flat to buy, it is advisable that you bring a clear and updated pet resume. You need to come up with a clear medical report and show that your pet is healthy and has been vaccinated. This will give your new landlord peace of mind knowing that the pet is safe and free from any diseases. Additionally, it is important to get testimonies of how your dog is; this information can be gotten from your dog sitter, previous neighbours, friends and the previous landlord. If you can get good pictures to show the landlord of your pet playing or sleeping this might change their mind. Get a picture of how adorable and cute your pet is and bring it along to try and win them over. An added point for you would be getting a certificate that proves your pet is well-mannered and listens to instructions. Enroll your pet to classes if you haven’t done so already this will boost the landlord’s confidence and trust in your pet.

Offer to pay a pet deposit

When you are looking for a penthouse and you have a pet, you should have in mind that the landlord might not be happy to have a pet in the apartment. Moreover, who would blame them, you also don’t want your house to be damaged by pets. The landlords don’t want to come to the house and find scratched floors and walls and weird stains on the carpet that can’t be explained. If the penthouse for sale doesn’t have a clear policy for pets around you might want to offer the option of paying a pet deposit. Most apartments have a separate policy drafted by the landlords in case you want to own the place. They ask for an additional deposit for your pet since having a pet is unpredictable, and you might not know when they can damage the property. Offering to pay for a deposit on your pet shows that you are confident in your pets’ behaviour.

See if you qualify to have a support animal

Finding apartments for sale that allow pets in the building can be very stressful and hectic. Some people depend on pets for emotional support, and this allows them to have a pet in the apartment. You can opt to go to therapy and see if you qualify to keep your favourite pet as a support animal. Most people may not know that they depend on their pets for emotional support but seeking a professional opinion can ensure that you get cleared to have a pet. This means that you can take your pet to any apartment that you may like. If your new landlord does not give you an apartment because of your pet, this might be considered as discrimination. It is categorised as discrimination against people living with disabilities. If it is proven that you depend on a pet to keep your company and give you comfort, then you will be issued with papers that state that. This will allow you to look for any flats to buy at any location you love.

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