Pet Cancer Awareness Month – Warning Signs to Look for in Your Pets

This month VPI Pet Insurance is holding it’s third annual pet cancer awareness month to benefit the Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF). ACF devel0p and support research to advance the prevention and treatment of cancer in pets and people. They give pets that are not responding to conventional therapy opportunities to take part in clinical trials that could save them or extend their lives.

This month VPI are selling dog collars with the cancer society lavender ribbon logo and donating all proceeds to ACF. Click here to view the 4 different sizes available.

Approximately half of all pets over the age of ten die of cancer. Here are some warning signs you should be aware of so that you can detect cancer early :

A growing sore or lump that won’t heal

Discharge or bleeding from any body opening

Weight loss despite normal appetite and activity

Going more than a day or two without eating

Demonstrating an unusually excessive appetite

An overconsumption of water, followed by frequent urination

Difficulty in chewing or swallowing

Unusually bad smell coming from your pet

Tiring easily and unwillingness to exercise

The best defense against cancer in your pets is to detect it early and seek treatment immediately. Help the Animal Cancer Foundation to find a cure for cancer by supporting them either by purchasing a collar through VPI or donating directly to Animal Cancer Foundation at their website by mail or by using Paypal.

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