Unusual Pet Care Business – Pet Photographer

Today I found a great interview with a pet photographer – Jamie Pfughoeft in the Seattle Times in their nwjobs section where they profile interesting careers. Jamie shares some fantastic information about how she became a pet photographer, the equipment she uses, what at typical workday looks like for a pet photographer, and how much competition there is in the pet photography market. She also shares some tips on getting started as a pet photographer and her favorite resources. You can find the complete interview at Seattle Times nwjbos. Continue reading “Unusual Pet Care Business – Pet Photographer”

What is Pet Sitting Excellence?

Some of you may have seen my new email signature and already picked up on the fact that I’m in the midst of writing a new book titled “How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business”.  I’m making great progress and I hope to have it available in late Feb/early March.  Today I have an excerpt from the books introduction to give you a taste of the what the book is all about and how it can help you grow your pet sitting business. Continue reading “What is Pet Sitting Excellence?”