Pet Sitting Business Tips

How to Keep Your Pet Sitting Business Off The IRS Hit List in 2010

Vicky Collins – The Deduction Diva – and my personal business accountant is a CPA who works with home-based businesses throughout the U.S.  She just let me know how worried she is about the new IRS initiative to go after…

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Pet Gift Baskets Business

Start a Pet Gift Baskets Business

Gift baskets for special occasion gifts are very popular. We always buy gift baskets with gourmet foods and other treats for family that lives out of town for Birthdays, Christmas, and Mothers Day. It’s something that easy to order and…

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Dog Trainer without

How to Become a Dog Trainer without Quitting Your Day Job

Are you interested starting your own pet business as a professional dog trainer? Wondering how you can get the training you need without giving up your day job income? Today I found an interesting topic on the Off Lead Discussion…

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What Are Your Top 5 Life and Business Values?

As you may have read on Facebook, I made a trip to Las Vegas this weekend to attend Ali Brown’s Shine seminar.  I came home with tonnes of ideas and a full business plan for 2010 – so I definately got…

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10 Reasons Pet Sitters Must Grow a List

Growing an email list is probably an activity that you associate more with internet marketers than pet sitters – am I right? But as a  pet sitter that can harness the power of the internet to find new potential clients via their…

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50 Ways to Get Links to Your Pet Sitting Website

Are customers finding your pet sitting website when they search for pet care in Google or Yahoo? One of the ways for your site to rank well in these search engines is to get links from other pet care sites…

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50 Ways to Get Links to Your Pet Sitting Website – Part 2

1. Get your website reviewed. Some forums connect users who would like to exchange site reviews. Pet sitting  bloggers or other local pet business blogs are also good people to ask if they would post a review for your site…

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Be An Eagle in Your Pet Sitting Business in 2010!

This is a great story that my husbands boss sent out with his Christmas wishes to all his staff. I love it and wanted to share.  I hope it gives you inspiration to be an Eagle next year!

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Pet Sitter IC Toolkit – Product Review

I have used independent contract sitters in my Dallas Fort Worth based pet sitting business Protecting Max for the past 5 years.  Today I couldn’t run my business without them. Well… I guess I could, but without my contract pets sitters I…

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How to Start A Pet Sitting Business

  During these tough economic times there was a time when I was unemployed and did not have any source of income. I thought I often see people start cleaning and lawn maintenance businesses why don’t I start a pet…

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