Avoiding and Dealing with Difficult Clients

Difficult clients come in many forms – picky people, constant complainers, fault-finders, and the worst of all – angry customers. Setting expectations early, and living up to your promises can head off most of these problem people.

Free Pet Industry Magazines for Business Owners

This weekend I found a couple of pet publications that offer free subscriptions for pet business owners. Both look like they have information that is valuable to keep on top of pet industry trends and new pet products. Both magazines…

7 Questions to Ask Before You Advertise

One of my greatest struggles in my past 4 years of business has been finding effective wasy to advertise and attract new clients. I have tried magazines, high school sports sponsorships, ads in coupon books etc and still find that…

Dogs – Why We Love Them!

What do you love about owning dogs? The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association® (APPMA) gives the top 14 reasons why people enjoy owning a dog.